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Art As A Pillar of Community

We Are From Dust is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to proliferating interactive, participatory artwork in public spaces and private exhibitions that not only transforms the way people engage with art, but changes how they consider their daily lives.

Exhibiting participatory art in publicly accessible places has positive impact on the people engaging with such works, as well as the space where it is hosted. It can lead to social change, act as a catalyst for innovation, and signpost progress within a community.

We Are From Dust embraces the values of self-expression, self-reliance, inclusion, participation, gifting, communal effort, civic responsibility, immediacy, decommodification and leaving no trace except positive interactions, and is committed to demonstrating and sharing these values with others through art.

(While WAF Dust is deeply inspired by the artworks created in Black Rock City, the group has no official affiliation with the Burning Man organization. WAF Dust was formed independently as a separate effort to propel this style of art to a new global stage. We welcome your participation!)

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