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Hey its Wolverine, Dj Radio producer sound engineer and artist

I first came upon BMIR by total happenstance. In 2007 I arrived on Playa 30 minutes from the man burning early. We had an arduous 9-hour drive in an old wonder bread delivery truck painted white but not white enough to put out the round color dots. After a night of tumult, fire, drums, tears, agitation, and disbelief I had a story to tell and I was retelling my poor drunken Campmate al about the man burning early when I heard PhatMandee on BMIR talking about that event, in particular, over the radio!

I had no idea there was a Burner radio station! So went looking for the station. Not an easy task but got in there and told my story to Mandee and anyone listening about filming the guy who set the man’s knee on fire and fucked up the party before it even started. One must remember that the Moon was being overtaken by the earth’s shadow while the man was being lit to get the real magical significance of this event. Many will still poopoo the arsen and get agitated by the mere mention. But yet it was my start on BMIR 94.5fm and on and on to this very day on