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With a long & vibrant international DJ career, Jimbo is considered one of the leading & most innovative DJ’s coming out of The Netherlands.  Jimbos connection to music started when he was just a kid. His father had a huge vinyl collection and there were speakers placed all around the house (even in the bathroom at some point) playing mostly rock, funk and reggae and classic Indian music, Jimbo loved making mixtapes fusing all the music genres he was inspired from.

In the early 90’s he started to collect records and spin music around Amsterdam as a Acid-House and Techno DJ and was involved in organizing underground Acid-House parties in clubs and other venues especially in Ruigoord church and around the Netherlands .  Not long after hearing early Trance music brought by Riktam & Bansi (GMS) and Shanti Matkin in the late 90’s he stopped playing Acid-House and Techno and got hooked on these fresh trance tunes and it became his addiction.

Leaving Amsterdam for Asia where he play his first big trance set on New Years Eve on the Island of Koh Pangan in the Millennium Party 2000 on the beach, since then he’s been playing and traveling around the world and enjoying life mostly under the palm trees in Goa located in India as his home base for the last almost 20 years.

Jimbo has performed in a wide variety of events, from clubs, private events to large open-air events and festivals and his long resume include demanding stages such as, Antaris Festival (Germany), Hill Top Festival (India), Shiva Vally (India), Pebble (India), Com4Trance (Israel), Kit Kat (Germany), Solstice Festival (The Netherlands), Landjuweel Ruigoord (The Netherlands) and many more.

During the summer of 2017 Raja Ram invited Jimbo to join TIP Records and become part of their Artists / DJ’s roster.