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Soundings is a compilation anthology series featuring full production audio theatre in a variety of genres, with the emphasis on science fiction, horror and comedy.  Also in the mix, some philosophy, some music documentary, and the occasional chunk of outright absurdity.  It's an hour of ideas in immersive soundscapes.  Best on headphones, with the eyes closed and the mind open.

Soundings is an exploration of the recorded works of Jeff Green (playa name Galfridus).

Many of the stories and productions to be found in this series have been heard on radio stations around the world.  The author has also worked in print journalism, television and interactive drama.


Tune into Soundings every other Tuesday from 9 to 10pm PT / 0600 to 0700 CET or on Saturday of the same weekn at 3am pm PT/1200 CET

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