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Tonight on the show we celebrate Playaween! Enjoy some spooky classics and story telling while we pretend that 2020 isn’t still lurking down that dark hallway. For heavens sake! Barbara! Don’t open the door! Don’t do it! You might find…

Shouting Fire recently visited the Jimi Hendrix Memorial and Grave in Renton, WA. We placed some flowers on Jimi’s grave.

Back To The Multiverse: Tune into Rebel Radio tonight for the Multiverse 2020 revisited with your Host and DJ Rebel Dharma and Co-Host the Dali Mama. They will be playing a very special 4 hour set recorded live and remotely from the Playa Ponderosa on Burn night this year with guest DJ Sean Watson. If […]

Tonight on KFLIP’s Hot Mics & Dead Air: The Need for Speed! GigaMatt and Modeen play songs featuring the thrills, chills, and spills of motorized mayhem. 7pm – 10pm PT/9pm-midnight US Central time. Tune in!

Join us as we ride out the apocalypse during what may be our last show on earth! BenmeR will be playing some dancy music that has a darker side to it. Whirlwind will be bringing some of her usual factoids and trivia to the party – themed for this special broadcast in order to help […]

Join us every Sunday from 12am to 2am PT (6pm to 8pm Sydney time) for Sunday Sessions brought to you by the crew from Red Earth Radio, the Burner radio station at Burning Seed, the Australian Regional Burn.   Join in for our favourite groovy tracks old and new from our hapless GenX Dj’s, running the […]

Kilovolt & Jam will fill in for BenmeR on your Thursday Night, spinning Songs You Might Not Have Heard (no guarantees). Ray and Julia look forward to sharing their overthought-to-the-point-of-being-almost-random freeform radio selections and banter. Join the online chat for a shoutout. We can’t wait!

Life is INCREDIBLE. I was running out of gas, had to refuel. Arrived at the pump, the engine died. No problem, I think, I just refill and go. But the diesel circuit was full of air. I know how to fix it… no I don’t. Giving up, Saturday night, I’ll just sleep here. Until. Until. […]

Join BenmeR and Whirlwind for an interactive radio game show event where we test your musical prowess.We will be playing unique/abstract cover versions of popular songs and it’s up to you to identify the original artists. Winners of each round are showered in glory and praise.Game Show rules:1. You must go to to play along and […]

BenmeR returns to your Thursday night slot with some funky and lower speed electronic jams to fuel your evening. As per usual, this set will be a bit improvised, but be assured that some great tunes will find their way to you earballs. Pour yourself your favorite beverage, interact with BenmeR on the chat, and […]

DJ Femina Ignis – from The Netherlands. She loves being behind the decks, even if it is just for 5 minutes. Can’t stop smiling. She plays techno and progressive techno. Recently she played at Where The Sheep Sleep, the Dutch Regional burn in 2019. Want more? You can follow her on Facebook and hear more […]

Live from Chicago! BenmeR and his lovely wife, Whirlwind, will return to the airwaves to do a set comprised of all Remixes. They will be highly active on the Chat so make sure to join us, chat with us throughout the show, and receive a “Shouting Fire Shoutout” live on the air!

Are you a musician? We would love to play your music on Shouting Fire. We are a participatory radio station , so we invite you to pARTicipate. Send us your tracks. We have less room to play long form DJ sets but we can still accommodate them on a limited basis. Send your music to […]

Burning Seed, the Australian Regional Burn is an online event this year.  Join us as Red Earth radio takes over the airwaves. Here is your detailed broadcast schedule in Pacific and Melbourne AU times. Friday September 25th 9pm to 7am Saturday the 26th (Pacific Time)This converts to 2pm to midnight Saturday the 26th (Melbourne AU […]

“Here’s the situation… With the cancellation of Black Rock City 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Burning Man Project lost 90% of its annual revenue. We are now faced with the reality of running a global nonprofit without our primary source of revenue. While we’ve cut our costs dramatically, we are at risk of running […]

BenmeR starts off his Thursday night slot with some tunes to get your booty shaking. As per usual, this set will be a bit improvised, but be assured that some great tunes will find their way to you earballs. Pour yourself your favorite beverage and lets start this weekly show off with some great energy! […]

We have a lot of great programming lined up for you. While Shouting Fire already broadcasts 24/7 all year long, we gone the extra mile to get you lots of live and special programming for Burn Week. Program schedule for the week can be found here. ???? ?? ?? ????????????.??? (??? ??? ?????????) ?? ?????? […]

Presenting Burn Barrel Stories. Right about now, many of us would be on the playa or packing to leave for Black Rock City.Got a story of a magical moment you had at Burning Man, a regional, decompression, etc.? ShoutingFire invites you to record a story on your phone and send it to Or send […]

Every Tuesday DJ’s from the French and Belgian Burner communities mix live for you. Kiwiiba, Megasame, Echoes Sound and Matildoutz each take a week and bring you great European beats. Tune in!

Bobzilla and Nicolette are on a great American road trip. Each Saturday they broadcast from wherever their 26′ travel trailer is parked, discussing life on the road. The studio they have is 100% solar powered. Tune in! ???? ?? ?? ????????????.??? (??? ??? ?????????) ?? ?????? ??? ?? ?? ?????? ????? (??, ??????, ?? ??? […]

Super 7”s is a long established, regular 7 inch vinyl open decks night  that happens in London. Currently due to COVID-19 our live gatherings at the Memaid are suspended. RESISTANCE RADIO is the lockdown, virtual project of Super Sevens, we can’t go out and play, so we stay in and play. Tune in an hear […]

The Return of DJ Reverend MoonLive from Amsterdam T

This week’s theme: LET’S DANCE!!Get your dancing shoes polished up and ready for Sunday’s Making Noise with Tin Cup. Listen to lots of great eclectic dance tunes. This one is more about music than chatter! So be ready to dance!

An abbreviated rebroadcast of the show broadcast live from Winstons OB in San Diego on 8/3/20 (Kev forgot to hit record again). All good Kev, we love ya!

All synth music from early to present day. Broadcasting live from Playa Ponderosa in Flagstaff AZ.